Maxing STR and INT on a Pet

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Maxing STR and INT on a Pet

Post  Havs on Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:20 am

Step 1: Know what pet you want to max out.
The best combinations are:

The attitudes (Pious/Passionate/etc) will be random during melding. You aren't guaranteed a Passionate/Widu pet during melding, and might end up with a Pious/Widu. In circumstances like this you could always try to fix it but it comes at a high risk and may not be worth it.

Keep in mind that you want a final pet with high maxed out stats. The three strongest maxed pets are: White Dragon, Hulon Dragon, and Whelps.

Whelps are most common, and for good reason. They have very high max HP, STR, and INT.
Tomero Gilgunners are also very good to max out.
Haunten pets generally have good HP growth, but certain ones have bad maxed out STR/INT.

Step 2: Find a Bright Silver Warrior
To max out STR and INT you need to find a BRIGHT Silver Warrior with the SAME ELEMENT as your ideal final pet. You only need one of them for this process.

You can catch Silver Warriors ONLY with Silver Warrior Traps. To get the traps lead Silver Warriors over to the clearing away from the waterfall until the traps in the ground activate. The Silver Warriors you lead there will then turn into Traps.

Please note that you CAN kill them in one hit, so if you are a high level try unequipping your weapon and gear temporarily.

Step 3: Catch 8 Elemented Sheep
Go to Lorden's and catch yourself 8 Sheep with elements. They don't need to have the same element as your final pet. They will ALL be fierce, so don't worry about the attitude.

You can catch sheep with Pet Nets, and no matter your level you will only deal 1 DMG, so don't worry about killing them.

Step 4: Level everything to 30
The most obnoxious process of them all (unless you can afford to buy around 17 pet esteem version ones). To meld a pet it needs to be at a minimum level of 30. After you meld the pets together the resulting pet will be level 1 again.

Your Silver Warrior will ALWAYS be the Host Pet, and the Sheep will always be the Support Pet.

Step 5: Melding
For every meld in this process you will need 9 Charm of the Memory which can be obtained from Wehn for every donation of 500 soulstones you give thim. This guarantees a successful meld, and is necessary. If you want to speed through the melding process by using Esteems, you will need approximately 8 Pet Esteem V1s.

The melding process should go like this:

Silver Warrior (SW) + Sheep + Charm of Memory AUX (CoM) = SW Meld1 -> level it back to 30 to meld again
SW Meld1 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld2 -> level it to 30
SW Meld2 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld3 -> 30
SW Meld3 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld4 -> 30
SW Meld4 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld5 -> 30
SW Meld5 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld6 -> 30
SW Meld6 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld7 -> 30
SW Meld7 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld8 -> 30
SW Meld8 + Sheep + CoM = SW Meld9 -> Level this pet to 61 (Pet Esteem Vers3 levels a pet from 1-60)

If your 9 meld pet mutates back into a Silver Warrior or a Sheep you have to start over, since your sacrifice has failed. You want the pet to mutate into something with much higher max stats.

Step 6: Find 11 Bright Elemented Humanoids
Easily the most annoying part of the entire process. You need to have one Bright Humanoid pet of the SAME ELEMENT as your final pet, and then meld other 10 Bright (Same)Elemented Humanoids into that so you end up with a 10 Meld Bright/Passionate/Pious Element Humanoid.

Generally you will need to have a minimum of 10 melds, though if you reach 4.5+ STR and INT growth on the Humanoid before then, you no longer need to meld it, though it is recommended that you continue if your final pet is a Whelp with high max growths.

Step 7: Level them all to 30
Again, the most obnoxious part aside from actually obtaining all of your Bright Humanoids.

Step 8: Melding pt2
The Melding will go like this:

Bright Elemented Humanoid (Host) + Bright Elemented Humanoid (Support) + Charm of Memory AUX (CoM) = Host Meld1 -> level it back to 30 to meld again
Host Meld1 + Support + CoM = Host Meld2 -> level it to 30
Host Meld2 + Support + CoM = Host Meld3 -> 30
Host Meld3 + Support + CoM = Host Meld4 -> 30
Host Meld4 + Support + CoM = Host Meld5 -> 30
Host Meld5 + Support + CoM = Host Meld6 -> 30
Host Meld6 + Support + CoM = Host Meld7 -> 30
Host Meld7 + Support + CoM = Host Meld8 -> 30
Host Meld8 + Support + CoM = Host Meld9 -> 30
Host Meld9 + Support + CoM = Host Meld10 -> Level this pet to 61 (Pet Esteem Vers3 levels a pet from 1-60)

Step 9: Final Sacrificial Meld
Once your Humanoid Meld10 and SW Meld9 are leveled to 61 you need to meld them together using a Divine Mental Stone which costs 6 E-Bucks. This saves you from having to level each pet to level 90.

The Melding will go like this:
SW Meld9 (Host) + Humanoid Meld10 (Support) + Divine Mental Stone = SW Meld10 which is your final STR/INT Sacrifice

Step 10: Level SW Meld10 and your Final Pet to Level 61

Step 11: Melding pt3
Once your SW Meld10 (Int/Str Sacrifice) and Final Pet are at level 61 you need to meld them together using a Divine Physical Stone* which costs 8 E-Bucks. This saves you from having to level each pet to level 90 and guarantees that the final pet will keep its appearance.

*PLEASE keep in mind that this Stone guarantees 30% melding success. For Final Host Pets that are 3 melds or higher there is a chance that the meld will fail and you will lose your pet.

The Melding should look like this:
Final Pet + SW Meld10 + Divine Physical Stone = Maxed STR/INT Pet

ALSO NOTE: If the melding preview shows that the stats will not be maxed out you will need to use a fake final pet in place of your final and then level that to 61 and meld that with a Divine Physical Stone into your true final pet.

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