Sneak Peak at Sub-Classes

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Sneak Peak at Sub-Classes

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Coming soon, players will be able to choose an advance class. Each of the six classes will have two advanced classes to choose from. Once you complete a class quest at level 75, you will be able to choose your advance class. Each of the advance class will give players access to new skills. We will give a sneak peak at the new skills and what they do.


Conjurers who complete their quest at level 75 will be able to choose from the Pyromancer or Tempest. The Pyromancer will be focused on damage, and will be a powerful ranged damage class, while the Tempest will be focused on crowd controlling.

Pyromancer Skills:
1. Cascade Maneuver: Buff that Increases Critcast Damage. This skill will also transfer a small percentage of magic damage taken to refill your own MP.
2. Omni Lamp: Deals a large amount of magical damage. Also deals additional damage equal to a percentage of your INT after 10 seconds which can stack.
3. Inferno Scream: Each time you cast an Omni Lamp, increases the critcast rate and damage for a certain percentage.

Tempest Skills:
1. Lunar Cycle: Buff that increases critcast rate and Max Mana.
2. Glacial Galaxy: Freezes and immobilize multiple enemies and deals unda damage.
3. Ocean Sovereign: Transfers a percentage of your own mana to damage output. This will not interfere with Fleece Charm effect. Also has a chance to deal double damage.


Mystics will be able to choose from a Priest or Shura after completing their level 75 quest. The Priests will focus on recovery and protection while the Shura gives up some of their healing ability to obtain damage output.

Priest Skills:
1. Mercy Shine: Buff that increases own healing effect.
2. Incantation Glow: Creates an aura that absorbs damage.
3. Sincere Chant: Instantly recovers own Health. Can also be used when silenced or stunned.

Shura Skills:
1. Fatal Comprehension: Reduces magical damage taken at the cost of reducing healing power of Divine Radiance.
2. Ashura’s Decision: Deals constant damage to a single target over 20 seconds.
3. Blink Hellhounds: Burn a large amount of enemy mana and deals damage equal to 50% of burned mana.


Upon completing your level 75 quest, Dragoons will be able to choose either a Guardian or Vanguard advance class. Guardians believe that the key to victory is a good defense , while the Vanguards believe that offense is the best defense.

Guardian Skills:
1. Mountain Fortitude: Transfers a large percentage of own Intellect into Defense, Resistance and Affinity Resistance.
2. Wave Lunge: Deals damage to a target, while taunting the target. Also reduces damage taken by a small percentage. Can stack up to 5 times.
3. Smell of Slaughter: Taunt nearby monsters, pulling them away from allies.

Vanguard Skills:
1. God of Duel: Reduces own defense and transfers them into Intellect.
2. Evil Buster: Deals damage to enemy while slowing their movement speed.
3. Suicide Assault: Attacks a remote target. Has a great energy reducing effect if the target is effected by Evil Buster.


After completing your level 75 quest, Shamans will be able to choose from the Templar or Heretic. Templars provide aid to their allies with powerful healing and buffs, while the Heretic goes down the path of destruction.

Templar Skills:
1. Fountain of Sky: Increases elemental resistance of all friendly targets within 30 meters.
2. Holy Whisper: Instantly recovers a great amount of health to a target and recovers additional health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
3. Universal Judgement: Reduces magical damage taken for all friendly units.

Heretic Skills:
1. Blood Aura: Increases the healing effect of all friendly units within 15 meters by a small percentage and increases own Oora resistance.
2. Shock Bolt: Deals damage to a target while reducing their Vigor.
3. Vacuum Explosion: Deals damage to a target. Also reduces the target’s mana If the target has been hit by a Shock Bolt.


Rogues can choose from a Defiler or Assassin class when they complete their level 75 quest. The Defiler will be a heavy damage dealer, while the Assassin attempts to kill their target without being seen.

Defiler Skills:
1. Ten Steps Kill: Buff that increases critcast rate to Dark Eclipse and Lethal Fangs.
2. Dark Eclipse: Deals a large amount of damage plus an extra percentage of INT damage to poisoned targets.
3. Lethal Fangs: Uses your dagger to attack surrounding targets. Has a chance to poison targets.

Assassin Skills:
1. Million Miles: Increases Vigor recovery
2. Lunar Glow: Deals a large amount of damage, only available while in stealth.
3. Muscle Shear: Paralyze a single target. Not available in stealth.


When you complete your level 75 quest, Rangers will be able to choose from a Marksman or Seeker. Marksman will be able to focus on their natural abilities to improve their aim, while the Seeker will be vital for aerial domination in large scale combat.

Marksman Skills:
1. Prayers of Nature: Buff that increases natural affinities and movement speed.
2. Breath of Nature: Deals damage to a target, while increasing your own accuracy.
3. Arrow Downpour: Deals damage to multiple targets and slowing them.

Seeker Skills:
1. Ether Strider: Buff that increases flying speed and vigor recovery speed.
2. Flowing Clouds: Increases Erda and Oora resistance.
3. Arrow Storm: Attacks multiple gliding targets and bring them to the ground. Also prevents them from gliding for a short duration.

Please keep in mind that all of the names of the skills and the skill durations may be changed prior to release.

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